Moving (back) to Grav

So I used to use Grav on my website a handful of years ago, but I gave it up because I percieved it to be “too slow”. To be honest, that was me just not really understanding how it works. So, when I gave it up I went back to MovableType (yeah–2005 called!).

My MovableType installation is currently running in my home lab, on Windows Server behind IIS, authenticating against my Active Directory and writing to my clustered Microsoft SQL Server database.

Why? Because I could dammit.

But, MovableType is actually a bit shit, and hasn’t really kept up with modern expectations.

10 April 2022: Oops – it looks like commenting was a bit broken thanks to CORS and friends. Commenting is now working again, as expected.

I like the idea of MovableType. I really enjoy it’s templating system and the commenting system and XML-RPC, but fuck it is archaic. I looked at going (also back) to Wordpress but damn, that is a kind of shitty piece of software. I looked at a few other static site generators like Hugo and Ghost, but I kept coming back to Grav.

And, now that I have a better understanding of how Grav works, I am moving back.

The most fun part was I have managed I think to recover most of my archives. I’ve imported stuff from Tumblr, Wordpress, Livejournal as well as my more contemporary stuff in MovableType. I managed to get most of my comments moved across to Remark42 instance as well (MovableType to WordPress export to Remark42…nice!).

Give me some time while I keep updating and moving stuff around and fixing all my broken links. Otherwise– I think we are looking good!


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