AFL Calendar Generator

Do you get frustrated having to go to the AFL app or the TV guide to work out when the footy is on? Every year are you manually entering footy games in to your phone calendar?

Why not do it automatically?

Why did I do this?

I couldn’t find a calendar feed of footy games. I was using Fixture Download, but they don’t appear to allow calendar subscriptions so it doesn’t update automatically as the fixture changes. Also, timezone support in their calendars was very broken.

What did I do?

I have built an automatic iCal generator for AFL matches.

It uses the Squiggle API to for game data which is then cross-referenced against my own data to include timezone and location, then I use the markuspoerschke/ical library to build an iCal file.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the feed in Apple Calendar on iPhone and Mac, Outlook on Windows or any other client that supports iCal subscriptions.

25 November 2023: Only want to see one team’s games? Check out this post.

The calendar is available at