Vancouver Referencing

As part of my university studies, I’m required to use the Vancouver referencing style. I use Papers to manage my referencing. Unfortunately, Papers doesn’t support the variation of the Vancouver referencing style Monash University requires. So I modified it so it does.

The Problem

The Vancouver referencing style included with Papers includes the article publisher in the reference list. As per university documents, this is not to be included.

The Fix

I created a .csl file which will generate a reference list without publishers included.

You can download the .csl file here. To use it, drag it into your Papers library, and select it in Preferences, or from the citation manager. If it fails to download, right click the link, and choose “Save As…”, and use the name vancouver-brackets-no-publisher.csl.


  • 2015-03-15: Updated link to .csl. Now refers to Github repository.