Bubble Breaker

Today I worked on something a little more cerebral. I made a game!

Bubble Breaker

Bubble Breaker is a clone os the classic Flash game (remember those?) Bubble Shooter. Back when I first started with the ambulance, Bubble Shooter was passed around via email as a COM object inside an Excel spreadsheet. Ah, the things we did to pass the time.

Now, we all carry iPads, and they’re “locked down”, so we get a nasty-gram whenever we download something unapproved from the App Store. I don’t like nasty-grams. So, I made the Bubble Breaker web app—it’s unmanaged and can be added to the home screen just like a native app. And, if you score highly, you can submit a high score!


  • Native-style widgets via Framework7
  • Supports Touch Events
  • Submission of High Scores
  • Can add to iOS home screen with icon


  • Targeting portrait-mode iPad resolution only (will fix)
  • Requires internet connection to load
  • Does not handle orientation changes well (will fix…)


Get it!

  • Get it
  • GitHub repo coming soon.