What is MTDynamicHandler?

You can engage Amazon Web Services to host an instance of Movable Type 7. The rates are quite decent: it’s free tier eligible! In fact, an AWS instance of MT is what got me back into the Movable Type ecosystem. And it’s lovely to be back.

Six Apart has two versions of Moveable Type available: nginx and Apache. I chose an nginx instance because I live in 2021, and of course I have a poke around. AWS has a stack of unique stuff associated with their MT install to facilitate the spinup of instances and execution of Perl. They also shipped a Perl module MTDynamicHandler.pm which intrigued me.

Part of what prevented me from playing more with Movable Type recently is my use of nginx and its apparent incompatibility with Dynamic Publishing. Despite a stack of research at the time, I couldn’t work out a way to get nginx to ingest .htaccess and rewrite rules to facilitate dynamic rendering. I could not get my own rewrite rules to work right.

reCaptcha plugin for Movable Type 7

I’ve installed the reCaptcha plugin for Movable Type for spam control.

Unfortunately, when using dynamic publishing, I got a helpful error:

An error occurs.

What have I accomplished on my leave?

I’ve been on leave this week, and I’ve been super busy.

  • I’ve almost finished the story mode of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.
  • My Chief Financial Officer (a.k.a Chris) has introduced austerity measures due to the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. I’ve cut costs by moving everything into two virtual private s...

Meeting Ketut

This was my first time going to Bali, and I didn’t know what I was in for. The general consensus is that it’s super cheap and really dirty.

I was pleasantly surprised.

We definitely didn’t travel to celebrate a birthday

We didn’t go to Adelaide in August, and we definitely didn’t go to celebrate a 29th birthday. Also, we definitely did not stay in an amazing Airbnb on a farm in the Adelaide Hills.

Skiing in Whistler is never shit

We made it to Whistler. It’s such a lovely drive up. I never get sick of seeing snow on mountaintops. We stayed at the Westin. You can’t beat the ski-off location.

I did a couple of days of ski school to get my ski legs back. It was worth it: it really built up my confidence. After three days of ski school, the next four I was able to keep up with Chris.

Vancouver is pretty much my favourite city in the world

It was so good to make get back to Vancouver. We only had a couple of nights here, so we made the most of it!


An early start got us breakfast at a local café. We explored town a little bit, and had a look in a few shops. Then we caught a small boat over to Granville Island. This was the view we were met with. It was awful.

New York City, bay-bee!

So, we made it to New York. 15 hours and 35 minutes later. This plane travel business is exhausting.

No, I don’t want a custom suit or a copy-watch

Chris and I had been had been desperately waiting for this holiday for months. It was amazing. It was expensive. I came home fat. All the makings of a great holiday.

It all started with four days in Hong Kong.

View me, at the cricket, in Full HD