Dynamic pagination in Movable Type 6

During my Adventures Within Movable Type, I have worked out that, oh my god, there is no pagination for the blog index. That means that from the main listing of entries, you can’t go back in time! This is something that WordPress and friends have had since the beginning of time.

What the fuck! But, I have found a solution.

Implementing Local Search Forwarding

Following from my entry about local search forwarding, I figured I could go a little more in to detail about how it is implemented.

A local search forwarder for Movable Type 6

In Movable Type, by default, if you execute a search you are directed to mt-search.cgi in the Movable Type directory. For me, it redirects to http://cms.fortressofdoom.me/mt-search.cgi, which is on a totally different domain to my blog. Unacceptable!

So, I made a PHP script that searches from the comfort of your own domain.